Email Compliance

Protect against advanced email threats, streamline operations, gain actionable risk visibility, and meet all email compliance requirements with MX Layer Security Solutions, including robust, secure archiving.

  • Email Compliance - Ensuring Regulatory Compliance
  • Email Archiving - Preserving Digital Records
  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP) - Preventing Data Leaks

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What is Email Compliance?

Email compliance ensures organizations' email data adheres to regulatory frameworks for various industries like finance and healthcare. It involves retaining emails for specific periods, ensuring safety, encrypting sensitive information, and verifying senders and recipients. MX Layer Archive is a robust solution for managing email compliance. It provides extensive tools for retention, backup, recovery, e-discovery, and compliance. As a modern business enablement platform, MX Layer Archive simplifies email data collection, provides easy access for diverse users from any device, and ensures seamless business continuity while upholding compliance standards.

What is Email Compliance?
Streamlined Compliance

Streamlined Compliance

Equip your IT, Legal, Compliance, and HR teams with user-friendly self-service search, review, and export tools.

Enhanced Data Security

Enhanced Data Security

Safeguard your data from both accidental and malicious loss using our unique, multi-purpose archive built to protect your work environment.

Seamless Transition

Seamless Transition

Effortlessly migrates from legacy archives to MX Layer’s top-tier data governance solution, saving valuable time and resources.

Efficient Compliance & Supervision

Efficient Compliance & Supervision

Mitigate risks and simplify compliance with ever-changing corporate and regulatory demands while ensuring audit readiness.

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Unbreakable Email Data

Protect against email data loss with complete backup and defense against Malicious attacks, such as ransomware, human error, or technical failure.

  • Meet SEC, FINRA, and regulatory requirements.
  • Streamline surveillance with user-friendly review, escalation, and reporting.
  • Prepare for audits with ease.
  • Access insights through detailed dashboards and reports.
  • ISO 22301, 27001, 27701 certified.
  • HIPAA compliant.
Unbreakable Email Data
Effortless Compliance with Evolving Regulations

Effortless Compliance with Evolving Regulations

Discover a state-of-the-art compliance solution that strengthens data integrity, safeguards your workforce, and enhances your brand reputation with modern approaches.

  • Recover email files, folders, contacts, tasks, and notes from outages and data loss.
  • Provide end users with a transparent experience.
  • Granularly recover specific folders or data ranges.
  • Create point-in-time snapshots for export or recovery.
  • No hardware is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email compliance is essential to follow the rules and regulations for email communication, including consent, content, and unsubscribe options. It prevents negative consequences such as disputes, reputation damage, and substantial fines.

Email archiving is vital for organizations as it allows them to retain and preserve various types of communication, including emails, ensuring data safety, email delivery, and supporting business continuity and disaster recovery.

Organizations can achieve email compliance by using email marketing platforms with compliance features, employing third-party services and software for compliance management, and seeking assistance from compliance audit and consultation services. Organizations require email solutions to ensure compliance, efficiently manage retention, encrypt communications, protect against threats, maintain immutable archives, preserve email chains of custody, and monitor/control content.