Email Security Partner Program

As a reseller or managed service provider (MSP), MX Layer Partner Program gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with the most innovative security solutions

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MX Layer Partner Program

MX Layer Email Security offers tailored technology packages for Enterprises & SMEs with bundled support options and dedicated resources to make businesses more profitable.

You have multiple options to become a partner of the MX Layer Email Security program.

  • The easiest and quickest way to become a partner is by licensing UMG to your customers through the MX Layer SaaS platform. You can get started as our solution sales partner in no time and with zero investment costs.
  • In case you want to provide services within a certain geographical boundary and abide by the data policies of the relevant borders, you can create your email security cloud by opting for our MX Layer PaaS partnership model.
  • If your customers require on-prem installation and service and are subject to strict regulations, MX Layer UMG on- site license sales partnership is the right choice for you.

MX Layer partnerships suitable for all your needs are waiting for you to register.

MX Layer Partner Program

MX Layer Partner Program Options

Flexible partnership options give you opportunities to provide the most innovative security solutions to your customers

SaaS Solution Sales Partner

SaaS Solution Sales Partner

  • • SaaS Solution on MX Layer Cloud
  • • Branding Support, White Labeling
  • • No Upfront Costs, Only Training Required
  • • Customer or Volume Based Discounts
  • • Multi Location Access Zones
PaaS Platform Partner

PaaS Platform Partner

  • • Your Own SaaS Platform
  • • Data Regulation Boundaries
  • • GEO Fenced Private Cloud
  • • Platform Investment Costs
  • • Customizable Pricing Structures
On-site License Sales Partner

On-site License Sales Partner

  • • Customer Based Licensing
  • • Private Cloud and On-prem Installations
  • • User Based Multi Location Licenses
  • • Cpu Core Based Unlimited Licenses
  • • Installation and Platform Training Required

Email Security Partner Program Advantageous

Join the mission of the MX Layer Partner Program, which is to provide customers with best-in-class email security. As a reseller or managed service provider (MSP), the MX Layer Partner Program gives you the opportunity to offer your customers the most innovative security solutions available. Our commitment to continuous innovation in email security ensures that your customers can rely on our reputation for delivering effective email security solutions that will help your business grow.

%100 White-Labeled

We understand the significance of your brand. Therefore, we provide a white-label solution, allowing you to brand all of your client-facing interfaces while we remain completely invisible to your clients.

Outstanding Margins

With our solution, you have the freedom to choose the products you want to sell, set your prices, and determine your profit margins.MX Layer's partnership margins are some of the best in the industry.

Flexible Deployment Options

MX Layer UMG is designed to work in all environments that require next level Email security. You can receive MX Layer SaaS services from our public cloud or you can use it in your private cloud environ- ment with on-site licensing.

Grow Your Business, Grow Your Profits

As your business grows, so should your profits. Our solution allows you to increase your margins while incurring zero operational costs. It means you can focus on expanding your business while still enjoying the benefits of increased profits.

Training & Support

Unlock your potential to sell, support, and market to your customers like a pro through our interactive training sessions and campaigns-in- a-box, regardless of your previous experience.

Sales Incentives

We believe in rewarding our customers for their loyalty. We offer a rebate program in which you'll get your money back if you meet certain purchasing requirements. It is just one of the ways we express our appreciation for your loyalty.

Become a Partner

  1. Block all email-based threats
  2. Get real-time intelligence on attacks
  3. Zero Investment to Start
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