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What is Whois Lookup?

If you want to find out ownership information for domain names, you can use the Whois query tool. To learn the Whois information for the domain name you're interested in, type the domain name along with its extension into the field above and click the 'Check' button.

Whois Lookup

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whois records provide domain name registration profiles that include information such as registration and expiration dates, associated NS (Name Server) services, domain name owner, and technical/financial/administrative contacts, including their email, phone, and mailing addresses. Data protection laws, including GDPR, allow for the concealment of personal data in Whois information in many countries, primarily in European countries.

You can hide personal data in the Whois database under the registration policies of domain name extensions. If you query Whois for the relevant domain name, the domain name owner or the financial, technical, or administrative contact information is not shared with third parties. To conceal Whois information, the domain name owner needs to perform the Whois privacy process through their domain service provider.

You cannot conceal any non-personal data in Whois records. Non-personal data includes domain name registration and expiration dates, NS records, and information about the ICANN-accredited registrar facilitating the domain name registration, all of which fall outside the scope of privacy.

You perform Domain Whois queries by transmitting data in a standardized set of rules to the designated IP addresses of the domain name registration organization or the Whois server service provided by authorized companies.

To update Domain Whois information, modify domain contact and technical details through the management panel provided by the company hosting the domain name.

The Whois database is a system created to ensure format and data integrity specified by each domain name registration organization, containing information about domain name registration, contacts, and name servers.

The domain name owner is responsible for the accuracy of Domain Whois information, and it presents all information related to the domain in real-time and as recently updated. The domain name owner's responsibility includes the accuracy of contact information managed from a single point.

The privacy of Domain Whois information can be provided for free or at a cost, depending on the preference of the domain name registration organization.

By the Personal Data Protection Law in force in our country, the confidentiality of all personal data on the Domain is guaranteed. Additionally, hiding contact information such as addresses, phone numbers, and emails protects the domain owner from spam, advertising, and phishing attacks by third parties.

You can carry out privacy activations for all domain extensions allowed by the Whois privacy management for a fee or free of charge through the management screens provided by registration organizations.

When you perform a Domain Whois query, you can access the following details:
1. The company that registered the domain name
2. The first and last name, phone number, email, and address of the domain name owner, technical contact, and administrative contact
3. The registration and expiration date of the domain name
4. The name servers linked to the domain name

To register a domain name that is already registered, you must delete the domain name. You cannot re-register domain names owned by others while they are active.